Unlocking the Potential of STRK: An Insight into Our Upcoming Private Sale Structure

Dear Strike Finance Community,

As we embark on a strategic journey towards the growth and enhancement of our platform, we are excited to introduce a private sale structure for STRK tokens, thoughtfully designed to align with both our project goals and the interests of our supportive community. Herein, we provide a comprehensive explanation of our structured approach to the STRK token sale.

Investment Details

  • Total Investment Size: Up to $1 million USD
  • Minimum Commitment: $1k USD
  • Discount Offered: Up to 25% on the prevailing market rate
  • Private Round Timeline: 2 weeks
  • Token: STRK currently trading in Upbit, Kucoin, MEXC and Uniswap
  • Investment Asset: ETH / USDT / USDC

Funding Structure: A Tiered Approach

Our pricing strategy for the STRK tokens is carefully crafted, keeping in mind the current market dynamics and the potential for growth. The strategy involves a tiered pricing model, ensuring an attractive entry point for early investors while incrementally increasing the value in alignment with demand.

Initial Rounds: We commence with a highly incentivizing price of $9.99 in Round 1, gradually escalating to $10.59 in Round 2. This initial phase is designed to reward early adopters and community members who have shown enduring trust in our vision.

Mid to Final Phases: As we progress, the price in Round 3 elevates to $10.59, reflecting the burgeoning demand and the intrinsic value of STRK tokens. This trend continues through Rounds 4, with final round prices pegged at $10.89, respectively.

  • Round 1 - start price $9.99 with 3 months vesting / vesting price $10.59 with 1 month vesting and 30% release at the end of the private round for 40k $STRK
  • Round 2 - start price $10.29 with 3 months vesting / vesting price $10.89 with 1 month vesting and 30% release at the end of the private round for 30k $STRK
  • Round 3 - start price $10.59 / vesting price $11.19 with 20k $STRK
  • Round 4 - start price $10.89 / vesting price $11.49 with 10k $STRK

Vesting and Lock-up Periods: Balancing Immediate Utility and Long-term Value

Our vesting structure is designed to balance immediate utility for our investors with the long-term stability of the STRK token economy.

Vesting Options: Participants in each round can opt for a standard vesting schedule with gradual token releases over 3 months or choose vesting 1 month on an accelerated schedule with a higher $0.6$ than initial investment price and a 30% immediate release at Day 1.

Bonus and Incentive Structures: Rewarding Commitment and Participation

To further value our community’s commitment, we have integrated bonus structures and incentives.
Governance Participation: Investors will gain immediate governance rights, allowing them to partake in crucial decisions shaping the future of Strike Finance, without the burden of voting gas fees.
Early Access to Innovations: Participants will be among the first to experience and benefit from new platform features, fostering a sense of exclusivity and early adoption.
Bonus Token Airdrops: In recognition of long-term holders who exhibit trust in our vision by not claiming their tokens early, we will offer bonus STRK token airdrops, enhancing their investment value.
This private sale is not just a funding mechanism but a testament to our commitment to community involvement and sustainable growth. We believe this structured approach will foster a robust investment environment, aligning with our vision to revolutionize the DeFi space.
We invite you to be a part of this exciting phase in our journey. Your participation and support are invaluable in propelling Strike Finance towards new horizons of innovation and success.

Partnership and Community Engagement

  • In our commitment to growth and community engagement, Strike Finance is dedicating over $1 million worth of STRK to our trusted private partners. This allocation underscores our recognition of their pivotal role in our journey.

  • Additionally, we are setting aside $1 million worth of STRK tokens specifically for our vibrant community. This initiative represents a unique chance for our community members to participate actively and benefit significantly, especially with the anticipated market upswing.

  • Through these allocations, Strike Finance is not only bolstering its partnerships but also ensuring that our community is at the forefront of our growth strategy. We’re excited to offer this substantial opportunity, aiming to empower and reward our community as we navigate towards a bullish future in the DeFi space.

Should you be interested in participating in our exclusive presale, we cordially invite you to register for our Elite Group. This special segment is designed for those who wish to be at the forefront of our presale event, offering early access and unique opportunities.

Register here for the Elite Group: https://forms.gle/bVgJeV6Bo9SWR6bk8

Your involvement in the Elite Group will place you among the key contributors to our journey, allowing you to engage closely with the development and success of our presale initiative. We eagerly await your esteemed participation.

For any further inquiries or assistance, we warmly invite you to join our Telegram channel. Our team is readily available to provide you with detailed information and support. Engage with us there for a more personalized experience and stay connected with the latest updates from Strike Finance.

Join us on Telegram: Telegram: Contact @StrikeFinance

Your participation and contributions are highly valued in our community. We look forward to having enriching discussions and interactions with you.

Warm regards

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wow, this is good strategy and want to invest in this round for me.

When will you start STRK sale? There is the detailed schedule?

This is the best strategy and I will be part of this :heart:

Wow, this is awesome. I love this idea, Can’t wait to participate.

Amazing, it’s quite an awesome strategy, can’t wait to invest