Strategic Market Parameter Adjustments for Enhanced User Revenue and Protocol Robustness

This proposal entails the strategic adjustment of market parameters for STRK, UNI, COMP, APE, and wstETH within the Strike protocol, with the objective of fortifying security measures and ensuring protocol robustness.

Given the prevailing market conditions, Strike has initiated a gradual reduction of UNI, COMP, and APE markets, characterized by lower trading volumes within Strike Finance. Simultaneously, slight reductions in STRK market rewards have been proposed to enhance STRK borrows’ repayment. To strengthen user revenue, protocol robustness, and security, it is imperative to systematically decrease rewards for these markets while establishing a wstETH market reserve factor set at 20%. Conversely, the STRK market has demonstrated elevated stability and improved accessibility for STRK holders, justifying an increase in its collateral factor.

Market Adjustment Specifications:

  • STRK
    • Daily STRK reward: 100 STRK (Previously: 120 STRK)
  • UNI
    • Daily STRK reward: 15 STRK (Previously: 20 STRK)
  • COMP
    • Daily STRK reward: 15 STRK (Previously: 20 STRK)
  • APE
    • Daily STRK reward: 10 STRK (Previously: 20 STRK)
  • wstETH
    • Market Reserve Factor: 20%

We highly value and appreciate your valuable input and opinions regarding this proposal.