Proposal - Market Parameters Adjustment for Protocol Security and Robustness

This proposal aims to strategically adjust market parameters for STRK, UNI, COMP, APE, wstETH, XCN, BUSD and SXP within the Strike protocol, emphasizing the reinforcement of security measures and ensuring protocol robustness.

In response to current market conditions, Strike has initiated a deliberate reduction of UNI, COMP, and APE markets due to observed lower trading volumes within Strike Finance.
Concurrently, slight reductions in STRK market rewards have been proposed to enhance STRK borrows’ repayment. To fortify user revenue, protocol robustness, and security, it is essential to systematically decrease rewards for these markets. Simultaneously, a surge in market volume is proposed to escalate wstETH market rewards. Moreover, due to the recent Onyx protocol exploit and the deprecation timeline for SXP, the XCN market and SXP market will be deprecated. Additionally, as part of the deprecation plan, the collateral factor for the BUSD market will be reduced to 40%.

Market Adjustment Specifications:

  • STRK
    • Daily STRK reward: Reduced to 80 STRK (Previously: 100 STRK)
  • UNI
    • Daily STRK reward: Reduced to 10 STRK (Previously: 15 STRK)
  • COMP
    • Daily STRK reward: Reduced to 10 STRK (Previously: 15 STRK)
  • APE
    • Daily STRK reward: Reduced to 5 STRK (Previously: 10 STRK)
  • wstETH
    • Daily STRK reward: Increased to 100 STRK (Previously: 80 STRK)
  • XCN
    • Collateral Factor: Set to 0%
  • BUSD
    • Collateral Factor: Reduced to 40%
  • SXP
    • Collateral Factor: Set to 0%

We highly value and appreciate your valuable input and opinions regarding this proposal.