Proposal for the Revision of STRK Vesting Period and Penalty Structure

We are writing to propose an important amendment to the current STRK reward emission vesting period and penalty structure.

The existing system, which vests STRK reward emission over a 12-week period, allows users to claim their vested STRK fully after this period. However, it also imposes a fixed 50% penalty on users who choose to exit their vesting early, regardless of the duration of their vested period.

We believe that this structure may not adequately reflect the commitment of users who have vested for a significant duration. Therefore, we propose an upgrade to the vesting exit and penalty logic to ensure a more equitable system.

Under the proposed system, the penalty for early exit from vesting will be variable, determined by the length of the vested period. Users will be able to exit their vesting early and receive between 20% to 90% of their rewards. The penalty will decay linearly over the 12-week vesting period, thereby providing a fairer distribution of rewards to users who have vested for longer periods.

We believe that this proposed amendment will enhance the fairness of our reward system and better incentivize long-term commitment to our platform. We look forward to your feedback and discussion on this proposal.