Proposal for Resolution of Audit Issues Identified by Halborn

Executive Summary

This proposal serves as a formal proposal to address and resolve specific audit issues identified in the Strike Finance Protocol by Halborn. The focus of this proposal is on two key areas of concern:

Issue HAL-06: Potential loss of earned rewards if withdrawExpiredLocks() is invoked prior to getRewards().
Issue HAL-10: Absence of a limitation on the quantity of reward tokens that can be added to the StrikeStaking contract.


The impetus for this proposal arises from the need to enhance the security and functionality of the Strike Finance Protocol. Addressing these issues is crucial for maintaining the integrity of the system and ensuring the protection of user assets and rewards. The specific issues addressed in this proposal are as follows:

HAL-06 (Earned Rewards Loss Risk): This issue presents a significant risk wherein users may lose their accrued rewards if the withdrawExpiredLocks() function is executed before calling getRewards(). Such a scenario undermines user confidence and the reliability of the platform.
HAL-10 (Unrestricted Reward Tokens): Currently, there is no cap on the number of reward tokens that can be added to the StrikeStaking contract. This poses a risk of potential gas limit issues, affecting the contract’s performance and user experience.

Specification for Resolution

In response to the audit findings by Halborn, we have implemented the following solutions:

Resolution of HAL-06: We have updated the withdrawExpiredLocks() function to incorporate a mechanism that ensures the getRewards() function is called within its execution. This change effectively eliminates the risk of users losing their earned rewards and aligns with the recommended best practices outlined by Halborn.

Resolution of HAL-10: To address the issue of unlimited reward tokens, we have introduced a limitation on the number of reward tokens that can be added to the StrikeStaking contract. This modification ensures that the system remains efficient and prevents the possibility of reaching the gas limit, thereby enhancing the overall robustness of the contract.


The proposed resolutions are in line with Halborn’s recommendations and are aimed at strengthening the security and operational efficiency of the Strike Finance Protocol. Implementing these changes will significantly mitigate the identified risks, thereby safeguarding user interests and maintaining the protocol’s integrity.

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