Proposal for Granting STRK Tokens for Bitget Listing and DeFi 3.0 Vault Rewards


This proposal outlines the strategic allocation of STRK tokens for two key initiatives as part of our 2024 roadmap: the listing of STRK on the Bitget exchange and the incentivization of participants in our DeFi 3.0 vault. We propose the allocation of 10,000 STRK tokens for each initiative, totaling 20,000 STRK tokens.


  1. Listing on Bitget:
  • Expanding the Accessibility and Liquidity of STRK: Listing on Bitget, a leading digital asset exchange, aligns with our goal to enhance the accessibility and liquidity of STRK tokens. This expansion is crucial for increasing the token’s visibility and adoption in the broader crypto market.
  • Strengthening Market Position: A presence on Bitget positions Strike Finance strategically within the competitive DeFi landscape, potentially attracting a wider user base and increasing trading activity.
  1. DeFi 3.0 Vault Rewards:
  • Encouraging Participation: Allocating STRK tokens as rewards for the DeFi 3.0 vault aims to incentivize user participation and engagement. This initiative is crucial for the sustained growth and success of our DeFi 3.0 offerings.
  • Enhancing Platform Value: By rewarding active participants, we reinforce the value proposition of our platform, fostering a robust and dynamic DeFi ecosystem within Strike Finance.


  1. STRK Allocation for Bitget Listing:
  • Quantity: 10,000 STRK tokens.
  • Purpose: To facilitate the listing process, cover associated costs, and provide liquidity on the Bitget platform.
  • Expected Outcome: Increased token liquidity, broader market reach, and enhanced trading opportunities for STRK holders.
  1. STRK Allocation for DeFi 3.0 Vault Rewards:
  • Quantity: 10,000 STRK tokens.
  • Purpose: To serve as incentives for users participating in the DeFi 3.0 vault, promoting active involvement and investment in our platform.
  • Expected Outcome: Higher participation rates in the DeFi 3.0 vault, fostering long-term user engagement and platform growth.

The total allocation of 20,000 STRK tokens represents a strategic investment in the future of Strike Finance, aiming to amplify our market presence and solidify our commitment to rewarding and growing our community.

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