Proposal - Enable wstETH market


This proposal aims to activate the wrapped Lido staked ETH (wstETH) token market into the Strike protocol.


The inclusion of the wstETH market was initially proposed in Proposal 39. To enhance security, the collateral factor for the wstETH market was initially set to 0. After thorough verification of the protocol’s safe operation post-listing, we propose adjusting the collateral factor to 80%, as previously discussed in the community forum. This adjustment will activate the market and further strengthen security measures.

wstETH Market Parameter Adjustment

Collateral Factor: 80%

We welcome your feedback and opinion on this proposal.

Only 1 address voted on this prop? That’s not very decentralized.

If STRK holders, anybody can take part to vote.
Please take part to vote.

Only 6 people in the world hold enough STRK to create a proposal. That’s pretty centralized

Almost people supplied/staked their STRKs.
And anyone can create proposal by buying or collecting STRK if they want.
Other lending protocols are working like that.

The cost to obtain 65188 STRK is $698,815.36 USD. I dont think anyone will be doing this