Proposal - Disable SXP supply & borrow, Grant for DeFi vault 3.0 and Reserve ETH


Disable SXP market supply & borrow

Swipe (SXP) tokens are being swapped to Solar mainnet (SXP) tokens at 1:1 ratio and thus current
ERC20 token will become useless when the swapping / bridging is finished on June 30th 2023.

Here are the references to Twitter post and their blog.
Binance also announced suspension of ERC20 or BEP20 SXP token already.

I propose to disable SXP market supply & borrow, while repay & withdraw is opened for a longer period so that people can still withdraw fund. However it’s highly recommended to withdraw Swipe (SXP) tokens and swap in the portal asap.

Strike Community grant STRK for DeFi vault 3.0 rewards

It’s necessary to add STRK grant for DeFi vault 3.0 rewards for the new month.