Market Parameter Adjustments for Enhanced Security and Robustness


This proposal recommends a strategic adjustment of market parameters for STRK, XCN, BUSD, and SXP within the Strike protocol, aimed at fortifying security measures and ensuring robustness.


Given the prevailing market conditions, Strike has initiated a gradual delisting of XCN, BUSD, and SXP markets. Despite this, these markets still maintain significant collateral factors. To bolster the security and robustness of the protocol, it is imperative to systematically reduce the collateral factors for these markets while concurrently modifying the reserve factors to augment repayment capabilities. On the other hand, the STRK market has demonstrated higher stability and increased accessibility to Strike liquidity for STRK holders, warranting an increase in its collateral factor.

Market Adjustment Specifications

Collateral Factor: 20%
Reserve Factor: 100%

Collateral Factor: 50%
Reserve Factor: 100%

Collateral Factor: 10%
Reserve Factor: 100%

Collateral Factor: 50%

We value and appreciate your input and opinions regarding this proposal.

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