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Hey Good day team Strike. I’m Nora from Huobi (htx) ,i have a marketing proposal for you. As a top CEX, Huobi provides multiple functions and services in addition to basic trading .if you are interested please do let me know so i can share the details with you.
thank you/


Hello Nora,

Thank you for reaching out. Could you please provide details regarding the listing conditions for Huobi (HTX)? This information will allow our community to engage in a more detailed discussion.

Best regards

Hi Nick,
Yes, Huobi is a T1 exchange with millions of users . We will give you a complete marketing package which will include alot of services including AMA, Twitter marketing and free poloniex exchange as well.
It will cost 120k usdt for a complete huobi with poloniex cex
poloniex is part of the huobi
Can you please provide the TG? so we can discuss everything with you( me and my team)


It will help you to get alot of new holders as well

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i think strike team should consider this
Tier1 exchanges are always good to go

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I think you’re right. Team must consider it.

SEEMS INTERESTING, Team may look up to this and consider it.

is there any update for us?

Hi, Nora
Can you please contact me via twitter?

hi please send us text on this twitter account
share ss with me for confirmation
it will be easy for us to reply