Exploring New Horizons - Strike Finance's Expansion to Additional Blockchain Networks

Dear Strike Finance Community,

As we stand at the forefront of innovation in the crypto lending space, the time is ripe for Strike Finance to broaden our horizons. Our journey so far on the Ethereum network has been remarkable, marked by significant achievements and a solid reputation built over several years. However, we recognize the potential limitations of operating solely within the Ethereum ecosystem.

To continue our growth trajectory and to offer our valued users enhanced opportunities, we are contemplating an expansion into additional blockchain networks. This strategic move is inspired by the successes of major lending protocols like Compound, Aave, and Radiant, who have diversified their presence across multiple chains, leading to substantial growth.

We are currently considering three dynamic and promising networks for our expansion: Base, Arbitrum, and zkSync Era. Each of these chains boasts substantial liquidity and a growing user base, presenting us with immense potential for growth and development.

Our objective is two-fold: to enhance the Strike Finance platform’s capabilities and to provide our users with diverse opportunities to earn and grow. As always, the interests of our community are at the heart of our decision-making process.

In light of this, we are reaching out to you, our community, for your invaluable input. Which of these chains do you believe would be the best fit for Strike Finance’s expansion? Your feedback is crucial in guiding our next steps and ensuring that our growth aligns with your expectations and needs.

We eagerly await your thoughts and suggestions on this pivotal decision. Together, let’s shape the future of Strike Finance and continue our journey towards innovation and success in the crypto lending space.

Thank you for your continued support and trust in Strike Finance.