Celebrate This Christmas with Strike Finance's Exclusive STRK Token Sale Event


As the festive season approaches, Strike Finance is thrilled to announce an exclusive Christmas event that promises to be a landmark moment for our community of users and investors. We’re rolling out a special STRK token sale, offering a unique opportunity to engage with our platform and benefit from unprecedented pricing plans. This sale is particularly tailored for those who haven’t participated in our previous rounds, opening a new avenue to join the Strike Finance ecosystem.

Event Overview

:gift: Special Christmas STRK Token Sale Event Details

Start Time: December 24, 2023, 12:00:00 PM UTC
End Time: December 26, 2023, 12:00:00 AM UTC
Total Offer Amount: 50,000 STRK
Minimum Buy Amount: 100 STRK
Maximum Buy Amount: 10,000 STRK
Plan 1 Price: $9.99
Plan 2 Price: $10.59

Why This Event is a Big Deal

This token sale isn’t just another event; it’s a testament to our commitment to making decentralized finance accessible and rewarding. With limited-time offers and competitive pricing, we’re setting the stage for both new and existing members of our community to deepen their involvement with Strike Finance.

:star2: Plan 1: A 30% Discounted Opportunity

Choosing Plan 1 allows participants to purchase STRK tokens at a significantly discounted rate of $9.99, more than 30% off the usual price. This plan is perfect for those looking to invest in STRK tokens with a strategic long-term vision, as all purchased tokens under this plan will be vested over three months.

:star2: Plan 2: Immediate Rewards with Great Savings

Plan 2 offers a balance of immediate access and savings, with tokens priced at $10.59, marking over 20% off. Participants can immediately access 30% of their purchased STRK tokens, while the remaining 70% will be vested over one month. This plan is ideal for those who appreciate immediate liquidity along with the benefits of a discounted rate.

An Exclusive Chance for New Participants

We’re particularly excited to extend this sale to users and investors who have yet to take part in our token sale rounds. This is your moment to become an integral part of the Strike Finance journey, to engage with a platform that’s at the forefront of the DeFi revolution.

Don’t Miss Out on This Unique Opportunity

This Christmas, gift yourself the potential of growth and innovation by participating in our special STRK token sale. Remember, this is a limited-time event and a rare chance to acquire STRK tokens under exceptionally favorable conditions.


As we celebrate this festive season, let’s embrace the spirit of growth and prosperity that Strike Finance offers. Join us in this special event and become a part of a community that’s shaping the future of decentralized finance. Visit Strike Finance Website to learn more and mark your calendars for December 24th. Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to participate in our token sale – your gateway to the next level of DeFi engagement.

Happy Holidays and Happy Investing!