2024 Roadmap with Strategic Development Grant for Upcoming BTC Halving and Bitcoin ETF Events

Proposal Overview:

This proposal requests the approval for a strategic grant of 250,000 STRK tokens from the Strike Finance treasury. This grant is designated for significant protocol development and enhancements, gearing up for two pivotal events in the crypto space: the upcoming Bitcoin (BTC) halving and the anticipated approval of a Bitcoin ETF. These events are expected to bring substantial exposure and volume to the cryptocurrency market, and it is imperative that Strike Finance is optimally positioned to leverage these developments.


The crypto-financial landscape is on the cusp of two major milestones:

The Bitcoin halving, which historically has signaled the start of a new market cycle and increased investor interest.

The potential approval of a Bitcoin ETF, which could usher in a wave of institutional investment and mainstream adoption.

In preparation for these events, Strike Finance must bolster its offerings with:

Exchange Listings:
Ensuring our token is listed on leading exchanges to enhance visibility and accessibility, crucial for increasing trading volume and expanding our user base.

Security Infrastructure:
Enhancing our platform’s security measures to protect against sophisticated threats, ensuring the safety and trust of our users.

Strategic Partnership and Integration:
Forming and enhancing partnerships and integrations with other players in the crypto ecosystem to broaden our service offerings and market reach.

Scaling the Platform:
Upgrading our infrastructure to support a growing user base and increased transaction volume, ensuring efficiency and stability.

Liquidity Pools:
Strengthening our liquidity pools to minimize slippage, improve trading experiences, and attract liquidity providers.

Platform Development and Feature Enhancement:
Continuously developing and enhancing our platform’s features to stay at the forefront of innovation in the DeFi space.

Research and Development:
Investing in R&D to explore new technologies and develop innovative DeFi products, keeping us ahead in a rapidly evolving market.

Customer Support System:
Enhancing our customer support to provide high-quality, responsive service, addressing user queries and concerns effectively.

The proposed funding will enable Strike Finance to undertake these essential initiatives, keeping us competitive and ensuring our readiness for the transformative period ahead.


The specifics of the grant are outlined as follows:

Total Grant Amount: 250,000 STRK tokens

Allocation Breakdown:

In light of the strategic objectives outlined in our 2024 Roadmap, we have refined our allocation breakdown for the proposed 250,000 STRK tokens. This revised allocation is tailored to ensure that each aspect of our platform development receives the attention and resources it requires:

Exchange Listings (30%): A significant portion, amounting to 30%, will be dedicated to listing Strike Finance on prominent exchanges. This move is critical for enhancing our visibility and accessibility in the crypto market, thereby increasing trading volume and user reach.

Security Infrastructure (16%): Recognizing the paramount importance of platform security, we will allocate 16% towards strengthening our security infrastructure. This includes upgrading our cybersecurity measures and conducting regular security audits to ensure the highest protection standards.

Strategic Partnerships (17%): 17% will be invested in forming and nurturing strategic partnerships. These collaborations are key to broadening our service offerings, gaining new market insights, and enhancing our platform’s capabilities.

Scaling the Platform (12%): To ensure our platform can accommodate growing user demand and transaction volume, we plan to allocate 12% towards scaling our infrastructure. This involves enhancing our server capabilities, improving transaction processing efficiency, and ensuring overall system robustness.

Liquidity Pools (15%): To maintain healthy liquidity levels and provide a seamless trading experience, we will dedicate 15% to our liquidity pools. This allocation will help minimize slippage, attract liquidity providers, and stabilize our platform’s financial ecosystem.

R&D in DeFi (8%): The largest allocation, totaling 8%, is earmarked for Research and Development in the DeFi space. This investment will fuel our efforts in exploring new blockchain technologies, developing innovative DeFi products, and continuously improving the user experience.

Customer Support System (2%): Finally, we allocate 2% to enhancing our customer support system. This is vital for providing our users with high-quality, responsive support, ensuring that their queries and concerns are addressed promptly and effectively.

This revised allocation breakdown is designed to strategically distribute resources across key areas, ensuring that each initiative is adequately funded to meet our ambitious goals for the upcoming year and beyond.

We urge the governance community to evaluate this proposal with the foresight of the significant opportunities these future events—BTC halving and the Bitcoin ETF—present. Your support in this strategic grant will be instrumental in fortifying Strike Finance’s position as a leading platform in the DeFi space.

We anticipate your favorable response to this call to action and stand ready to engage in further discussions.

Nice strategy,roadmap is always wonderful,will surely invest on this.