We're willing to do an AMA session and want to become Strike Media partners

Hi, I’m Legit , CMO of Crypto Lab Telegram Community.I have a marketing proposal for your project. Check it out and let me know what you think about it.
We are professional Crypto community Collabed with hundreds of projects including
Bitget Exchange | MEXC Exchange | Bitmart Exchange | Tron DAO | Xchange Monster | Vempire DAO | Fairy Swap | Wizardia | TNW | Choosen One NFT | Univers | Metaland | Fantacore | Metafi | Checker Chain | OXfi |

:large_orange_diamond: Official Partners : Bitmart Exchange, OKX Exchange, Gifto.io, Yachting Verse

:large_orange_diamond:We have built a 35K+ Telegram, 16k+ Twitter, 14k+ strong Discord community
:large_orange_diamond:We are currently supporting news for MEXC , Wizardia, Universe, Fantacore ,Bitget ,Universe Island,Choise.com , Ari10 , Learning Cash, Gifto,Cloud Name and many other projects

:arrow_forward: Our Community
:small_orange_diamond:Telegram Community

:small_orange_diamond:Telegram Channel


:arrow_forward: Our Services :-
:small_orange_diamond: Twitter Space AMA
:small_orange_diamond:Telegram AMA (Text/Voice/Video)
:small_orange_diamond: Discord AMA (Text/Voice/Video)
:small_orange_diamond: Pinpost
:small_orange_diamond: Exchange Listing
:small_orange_diamond: Shilling
:small_orange_diamond: Airdrops/Giveaway promotion
:small_orange_diamond: Twitter Post Engagement
:small_orange_diamond: Community Management
:small_orange_diamond: Community Growth

:large_orange_diamond: AMA Details
There will be 3 segments:-
:small_orange_diamond:Introduction questions
:small_orange_diamond:Question from Twitter
:small_orange_diamond:Question from Community

Contact TG @Legit_05 @Ali_760
Thank you for your interest in Crypto Lab🥂