STRK Revenue Share Staking Coming

Hello everyone
Today, we would like to introduce a new STRK staking to earn protocol revenue that is currently under development.

Currently, when users claim STRK tokens accrued by supplying/borrowing assets to the protocol, they are transferred directly to the user’s wallet, and most of them are selling tokens due to the lack of utility for a single STRK token.
We realized we needed additional utility for STRK holders in addition to Defi 3.0 vault.

The team is developing a new staking feature that distributes protocol revenue to token holders and incentivizes long-term STRK token holders.
when claiming STRK tokens, they are vested for 6 months and earned protocol revenue during vesting period.
Vested tokens can be claimed within 6 months, with a 50% penalty applied, and the penalty will be distributed to lock stakers.
Thus, we can incentivize long-term token holders without any additional STRK token inflation.
Detailed staking guide would be provided along with staking deployment.

Stay tuned.

it would be helpful to attach diagram or screenshots

This says it will be distributing protocol revenue—does this include the protocol reserves earned from borrows as well?

Yes, the team will swap the reserve of each market for USDC and distribute to STRK holders

6 months seem quite long would the team consider a shorter period like 6-8weeks instead?

only royal users will share the protocol revenue every 2 weeks with 6 months staking STRK

6 months staking seems much longer than average, a shorter duration would be better for the protocol as people may be deterred to join. Possible 6-8weeks like radiant or uwulend

should support at least 3 months for royal users not 6-8 weeks

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3 months for royal users sounds more reasonable. How is a royal user identified or made?

the users stake their STRK in the reserve vault will be royal users.

3 months seems reasonable.

let’s suggest community development team to update 3 months if so

What about 3 months for public and 6-8 weeks for royal?