Requesting more information and Education

I think I can speak for others when I say that we need more information and education. A couple of questions would be:

  • When are we going to move to the Swipe App? Any Ballpark time?

  • Swipe has different Cards with different rewards, now that Swipe bought the Spend Platform what are
    we migrated to, Steel/Slate cards? This was told to us in the announcement on March 30th Source:

  • The Ignition Sale that happened explains a IWO of STRK, but the USA customers could not be apart of that sale? Might I ask why? Will there be another for USA holders?

The SPND to STRK Migration was slow to go because of KuCoin and them holding back for some reason the changes. When will this be completed, Any idea of a timeframe?

Users of the SpendCard, cannot use the app to exchange, buy/sell any STRK coin in their wallets. Will this be fixed? If so when? Will there be an Airdrop for STRK users as there will be for SXP users?

With the Strike Finance How to we use it? Is there a tutorial for new users? Are we in Beta for the program? How does this compare to

How do we mine the STRK form the protocol?

Will STRK be listed on Binance? If so when? Will STRK be listed on other exchanges?

This there a Roadmap for STRK and future programs?

I see that Upbit’s volume is Excluded on Coinmarketcap, might anyone know why?

I think an AMA should be done, as many SPND coin holders who were there from the beginning are concerned as the Spend Team didn’t give many AMA’s in the recent year.

Thank you anyone from the executive team for listening and answering some or all of these questions.

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