Course of action for Kucoin users with Spendcoin

Kucoin was on the list of exchanges supporting the swap. This has not yet occurred. A number of folks are nervously waiting for a conclusion.

Will Strike be support a deposit & burn option for those of us stuck with Spendcoin should Kucoin not participate in the swap?

The team is working on a manual portal, so that if they don’t support fast enough you can withdraw and manually burn and swap

Strike News 6 apr. 2021

While we examine the issues and work with Kucoin and OKEx to finalize the swap, we have temporarily re-enabled $SPND deposits on the Spend App for any user to convert their $SPND to $STRK.

Any $SPND deposited in the Spend App will be converted to $STRK at 1,000 to 1.

Thanks Mac.

PS: What happened to the telegram group?