Audit for Strike


Your docs mention that “the security of the Strike protocol is our highest priority”. You work with some third party auditors to guarantee to security of your users so I would like to know if you are open to work with additional providers. could interest you I think. We have audited more than 250 projects like L’Oreal, Matic, Republic, Morpho, Tokemak, AvaLabs, Matic, LimitBreak, OlympusDAO,…

  • We focus on manual review (unlike most players that do static analysis)
  • Our team is very senior (we are not on the rekt leaderboard)
  • We find issues in about 75% of contracts that have already been audited
  • Our reports are web-based, clickable and include gas-saving recommendations

Would love to speak with a someone from Strike to discuss collaboration.

You can reach out to me on TG @ClementBarbier